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UNDP ART GOLD Lebanon Inaugurates Two Water Maintenance centers in South Lebanon

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On 16 September 2010, UNDP–ART GOLD Lebanon inaugurated two water maintenance centers in South Lebanon, in the cities of Tyr (Sour) and Taybeh (Marjaayoun). UNDP Country Director Mr. Seifeldine Abbaro participated in the inaugurations alongside the First Secretary at the Spanish Embassy Mr. Rafael Reig representing H.E. Ambassador of Spain. The President of the Union of Municipalities of Tyr Mr. Abdul-Muhsen Al-Husseini, the President of the Union of Municipalities of Jabal Amel Mr. Ali El-Zein, representative of the Head of the Water Establishment of South Lebanon and other mayors also participated in the proceedings.

Identified by the regional working groups of the two Kazas of Marjayoun and Tyr, the project came in response to the water situation in South Lebanon. Historically, South Lebanon has suffered from water problems, but the situation has only worsened following the 2006 destructive war. The majority of villages only receive water less than twice a week. Water supply networks are old, insufficient, and in frequent need for repair.

The Spanish government is funding the project, which benefits more than 60,000 residents of the Union of Municipalities of Jabal Amel and 300,000 residents of the Union of Municipalities of Tyr area.

The two water maintenance centers will help improve the problems of water supply networks. Upon occurrence of any network breaks, the technicians and engineers trained as part of this project can now provide timely repairs using the newly provided tools and equipment. This will ensure a more steady supply of water to the villagers throughout the year.

At the inauguration, Mr. Rafael Reig, representing H.E. the Spanish Ambassador, reiterated his country’s commitment to support ART GOLD Lebanon. A Spanish contribution of 1 million euro (USD 1.3 millions) was provided to ART GOLD Lebanon in 2010.

UNDP country Director, Mr. Seifeldin Abbaro, emphasized UNDP’s commitment to continue providing needed support to the local communities and urged relevant Unions of Municipalities to maintain a consistent and strengthened effort to achieve the sustainability of the project.

With a total amount of $80,000 for both centers, the following activities were achieved:
• Engineers and technicians trained on “Water Network Maintenance”. Those engineers and technicians are currently conducting the maintenance and management of the water networks.
• The equipment for the water projects purchased and delivered to beneficiaries.
• An excavator and a small vehicle for transporting equipment delivered and registered.

The next phase will involve cooperation with the Ministry of Water and Energy to conduct an awareness campaign at the national level about the importance of water resources management and ways to conserve water resources. This will also target students in schools by involving them in a series of awareness raising activities.

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